Cuddle Cot Gallery

Cuddle cot presentation on 27th July 2017 to O.G. Harries Funeral Directors, Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire.

In memory of angel baby – ‘Shay Derek Ewer’ – 11.11.2015.


Cuddle Cot presentation on 12th January 2018 to Colin Phillips & Daughters Funeral Directors, Cardigan.

In memory of angel babies – ‘Lilly May and Gracie Llyn Mathias’ – 30.08.2006


Cuddle cot presentation on 25th January 2018 to Co-op Funeral Care, Chorley, Lancashire.

In memory of angel baby ‘ Arthur Thomas Barker ‘  – 7.12.2015


Cuddle cot presentation on 26th January 2018 to Irene Jessop Funeral Service, Thornaby-on-Tees, Cleveland.

In memory of angel baby ‘ Colby Duggan’  5.10 2014


Cuddle cot presentation on 23rd February 2018 to Autum Leaf Funeral Directors, Burry Port, Carmarthenshire.

In memory of angel Baby ‘Luca George O’Brien’ 19.2.2017


Cuddle Cot presentation on 17th April 2018 to Hambrook & Johns Funeral Directors, Cheriton Branch, Folkestone, Kent.

In memory of angel Baby ‘ Harry Simon Leo Walker’  stillborn 16.8.2016


Cuddle cot presentation on 16th August 2018 to Louise Evans Funeral Director, Aberystwyth.

In memory of her angel baby son ‘George Jenkins’ who was stillborn 15.5.2005


Cuddle Cot presentation on 8th November 2018 to Hambrook & Johns Funeral Directors,  Folkestone, Kent.

In memory of angel ‘ Tobias Isaac Roland Hayes’ who dies suddenly aged 6 months. 13.2.18 – 24.8.18


Cuddle Cot presentation on 14th December 2018 to W.J. Farrier Funeral Directors in Dover.

In memory of Angel ‘ Nancy Rae Kane’ who passed away aged 3 1/2 months. 31.8.17 – 10.12.17


Cuddle Cot presentation on 13th February 2019 to Sterry Funeral Directors,  Folkestone.

In memory of Angel ‘Tobias Isaac Roland Hayes’ who passed away suddenly aged 6 months.  13.2.18 – 24.8.18

and ‘Sean Petch’  3.11.92 – 6.12.15


Cuddle Cot Presentation on 1st March 2019 to Cenfil Reeves Funeral Directors, Talgarreg, Llandysul, Ceredigion.

In memory of Angel Baby ‘ Mari Leisa Jen’ who was stillborn 5.7.2018


Cuddle Cot Presentation on 30th April 2019 to Country Funerals, Ashford Kent.

In memory of Angel Baby ‘ Harry Simon Leo Walker’ who was stillborn 16.08.2016


Cuddle Cot presentation on 30th April to Gore Bros, Funeral Directors, Margate. Kent.

In memory of  ‘ Iris, Bow, Mummy’s little Angels’ and Angel Baby  ‘Peter Goddard’


Cuddle Cot presentation on 7th May 2019 to Wynford Thomas & Sons Funeral Directors, Ystalafera, Swansea.

In memory of Angel Baby ‘Freddie Cross’ who was stillborn 8.6.2017