Cuddle Cots

Coping with the death of a baby is an extremely difficult event. We believe that bereaved parents should be given the opportunity to spend time with their baby.

Providing this time for parents and families through the use of a cold ‘Cuddle Cot’ is internationally encouraged by midwives, bereavement practitioners, stillbirth/neonatal charities and academics.

Time allows the family to form an important bond with their baby, whether this be dressing the baby, changing a nappy, taking precious photographs and hand and footprint casts, or simply just staying close, this time without a doubt helps families to cope with their loss.

Problems arise in warm rooms as the baby’s condition can deteriorate quickly, and so cooling the baby is essential. This is where a cold ‘Cuddle Cot’ becomes so valuable.

Transferring to and from the morgue is now considered as an outdated practice, it is traumatic for the parents to go through repeated speraration from their baby, and a cold ‘Cuddle cot’ allows the family to spend every moment they can with their baby – precious moments that make a lifetime of memories, where every moment counts.

Cold ‘Cuddle Cots’ are used alongside a Moses Basket and means families can even take their baby home for a while, until finally laying baby to rest.

Each cold ‘Cuddle Cot’ together with a Moses basket and stand costs £1700.

Cariad Angel Gowns fundraise to purchase cuddle cots to then gift freely to hospitals and funeral directors.